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2019 February 19


Metal & Shop

New:  Anthracite in the Forge.  Testing the wood-fired drum forge with some anthracite coal.  This is not the usual solid fuel for a coal forge;  most blacksmiths use bituminous.  But let's see how well it works.

I fixed that link;  somehow I didn't see that it pointed to the wrong article.  Try it now.

Food & Nutrition

Regarding ACV vs. Proton Pump Inhibitors, a reader asks, "Why do we just say that some people can't digest certain foods and some can, instead of asking why?"

This is a very good question, the answer to which I would summarize by saying "The interaction of foods with human biochemistry is fantastically complex."  For some more thoughts on the topic, see also Chocolate, Fried Foods, and Acid Reflux.

2019 February 17

Sunday evening

Film Camera Repair;  Electronics

A reader emailed recently, saying he has a Konica C35 with a light meter problem.  He's already re-soldered wires and replaced the battery (zinc-air), but the meter needle doesn't move as much as it should.  It moves quickly but only a very small amount in bright light.

The first thing I'd check is the CdS photocell.  They do go bad sometimes.  In low light, its resistance is practically infinite;  bright light should make it decrease.  When it decreases, that makes the needle move into the higher shutter speed & narrower aperture combos you see along the right side of the viewfinder.

If you bypass the CdS photocell with a low-ohm resistor in parallel, the needle should deflect (independent of light intensity).  If it does, then the photoresistor is probably bad.  If it doesn't, then perhaps there's a problem with the meter movement.

2019 February 15


New:  Blacksmithing Project:  Flux Spoon.  Not as simple as a coal rake, perhaps, but this could still be a beginner project. 

2019 February 10


Updated:  Lamp Bracket, Part 2.  First picture in that article shows what I started out with.  See what I made it into.  I still won't say I know what I'm doing, but I feel like this was a big improvement.

2019 February 6


Metal & Shop
The lamp bracket is gradually transforming into something else;  pictures on the way. 

Tech, Electronics
A reader liked the article on Fixing a Vintage LED Clock.  He fixed the clock for his wife, and sure enough it was a bad 330 uF cap.

2019 February 4


Metal & Shop

New Article:  Lamp Bracket, Part 2.  This was a blacksmithing project that was on hold for a while, sort of in the hope that I would acquire more skills in the meantime. 


The first (and hopefully last?) Polar Vortex of 2019 has gone.  Temperatures went from below-zero Fahrenheit to 40+ F in the span of a couple days. 

February, though, has traditionally been the coldest month.  At this point, who knows?

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