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2019 August 19


A reader liked the article on extending develop times for C-41.

He also asks what ways there are to support this website.  For now, buying anything through the Ebay or Amazon links is the way to support it.  Just clicking on links doesn't do anything.  Thank you so much for helping to keep this website on-line.

By the way, that article... I've been asked more than once if the times should extend for the "Blix" step.  After a certain number of rolls it should, but it's not the same equation.  The Blix is a little different; I don't remember that I'd worked out an exact equation for it. 

I was planning to do an experiment to see the absolute max shelf life of mixed C-41, when it's not depleted by using up the rolls capacity. 

2019 August 4


A reader asks about the wood-glue cleaning method for vinyl.  First he wants to know, are there times when the glue won't help?  Yes, it's possible that dust and grit could work their way into the material so they can't be removed with glue.  This could happen if the vinyl was stored or shipped in excessive heat.

It could also be there's a fine layer of oily residue or plasticizer that's keeping the glue from adhering to the dirt.  As the articles mention, that would have to be cleaned off first. 

The second thing he wonders is: after peeling off the glue, will the center spindle dissipate static electricity? 

Answer: not really.  That would require the electrons to conduct across the plastic to get to that metal spindle.  I've tried this, and the static affects audio quality for a long time.  So it has to discharge slowly, directly into the air, for hours or days according to the humidity.

Static buildup can make it sound as if the cleaning didn't work. 

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