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Most of my work is on film (here's why), but if you've been reading this site for a while, you might have seen my review of the Canon Rebel T3.   So I decided to put together a gallery of some more photos that I took with it.  (Copyright.)

Just as in the SX50 gallery, some of these photos are from my never-ending quest to defeat the Blocked Sunset.  

Bowl of Thai Food at a Thai Restaurant

Canon Rebel T3 w/ 18-55mm IS II lens
ISO 3200
f/5 @ 1/30th second
Focal length:  41mm
Saturation adj. in post

By the way, several people have asked me if the Canon SX50 is alright for indoor use.  Well, if you expect that you'll be doing much low-light photography (as you would indoors), just get the Canon T3 for about the same price.  (Actually, now the Canon T5 is their current entry-level DSLR;  or, get a used Canon Rebel T3 via this link.)

The SX50 works well with flash, but for ambient-light shots I'd stay at ISO 800 or below.  Meanwhile, the Canon T3 can do ISO 3200 pretty gracefully, as you can see in the photo above.  Get yourself this inexpensive lens for it, and you'll be in even better shape for low-light shots.  It's a trade-off, because the SX50 obviously has much greater zoom capability, but it's best for outdoor photos.  I've said it before... a Canon SX50 and a Canon T3 would make a great pair of cameras to cover the widest range of photography situations.  But if you are looking for indoor pictures of your kids or grandkids, get the T3 first.

The Canon Rebel T3 is, to me, the greatest cheap DSLR made.  (The T5 has replaced the T3, and is a fantastic camera with higher resolution;  use this link to get your T5, and you can help support my website, as well as fight the good fight against camera snobbery.)

CB Radio Panel At Night

Canon Rebel T3 with 18-55mm IS II lens
ISO 1600
f/5.7 @ 1/3 second handheld
Focal length:  55mm
No significant post-processing

First posted on-line May 30, 2014

I just thought of that scene in Rise of the Machines where John Connor is in that abandoned facility at the end.  He picks up the microphone, and you realize how the whole backstory is coming together in that moment.  It's brilliant.   For some reason, the sound of radio traffic on the CB reminds me vaguely of that scene.  Hey, wait a minute, the camera we're talking about is also called a "T3".  Weird coincidence.  But this T3 is a lot more friendly. 

That brings us to the next point.  Another thing I like about the Rebel T3 is that as far as I know, it doesn't have the tech to link into Skynet.  Unfortunately the newer DSLR's do.  "The Internet of Everything", huh?  

I've said that artists don't normally display images straight from the camera.  That's a generalization.  With the Canon DSLR's you can often get beautiful images without doing much to them.   On this one I didn't adjust the colors or anything.  I didn't even run noise reduction.  All I did was retouch out a couple of the larger dust specks on the radio panel.  The colors are exactly as-rendered by the Canon T3 here. 

Sunrises and sunsets are one of the most popular things to photograph.  The variation is endless, which is probably one of the reasons why I never get tired of them. 

January Sunset With Branches

Canon Rebel T3 with 18-5mm IS II lens
ISO 800
f/5.7 @ 1/1600th
Focal length:  55mm
Saturation adj. in post

One Tree In a Field

March 2013
Canon Rebel T3 with 18-55mm IS II Lens
RAW Export
ISO 200
f/6.4 @ 1/3200 sec.
Focal Length:  39mm

First posted on-line May 30, 2014

Some people get snobby about their cameras.  Not me.  I can appreciate fine things, but I also like cheap cameras.  I don't even need digital... but when I want that, the T3 is my favorite camera.   Though the plastic casing and kit lens have a cheap feel, it's not as bad as people often say.  (Just for comparison, the Nikon N55 film camera actually feels cheaper than the Rebel T3.)  The autofocus doesn't have that many points, but you can learn to master it, getting it to focus (usually) on what you want.  And so what if it was introduced three years ago... this camera is fantastic for the money.

Anyway, on this picture, the JPG colors didn't have the vibrance you see here.  That might also be because I chose "Neutral" color mode instead of "Landscape".  Easily fixable, just go back to the RAW file if you have one.  Whenever I see something I really like, I just activate "RAW + L" mode in the camera menu, then shoot away. 

Sunset, Mother's Day 2014

Canon Rebel T3 with 18-5mm IS II lens
ISO 200
f/4.6 @ 1/1000th
Focal length:  34mm
Saturation adj. in post

I hope you've enjoyed this gallery or otherwise found my website helpful.  You can show your support for this site by using the links to purchase any of your gear... cameras, tablet PC's, pretty much anything.  (Speaking of tablet PC's, check out my review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.) 

If you're thinking of buying a Canon EOS Rebel T3 / T5 and you liked my gallery, get your camera through this link and you can really help me out.  Much appreciated!

Thanks again for reading!

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