Rust:  A Photo Gallery

Like a Wooden Fence Made Of Rusted Steel

Nikon 6006 with Velvia 100

This is one that I want to re-scan.  I think this was flatbed-scanned, and the contrast levels were too high.  The original slide has much better dynamic range.  Also, it would be a good idea to compare this on a light table, because the colors might be a little off from the original.

To appreciate slide film fully, you have to see slides in real life.  There is nothing like it!  Try some Velvia 100 in your 35mm film camera;  if you choose good lighting and even somewhat know what you're doing, I think you will be very impressed. 

Allegheny Foundry Co.

Canon SX50 HS

The SX50 HS was a good little bridge camera;  the newer SX60 is not quite as good, but it's still no slouch.  Get a used SX50 through this link and it helps support my website.  I also have a full review of the camera here.

A Window, Of Sorts

Panasonic FZ70

Textured Wall, Ferrous, With Paint

Panasonic FZ70

See also my review of this camera.  Rarely do I actually say "Yeah, awesome, I'm gonna shoot digital today", but I have to say the FZ70 is a very satisfying camera, even down to the sound the shutter makes. 

Steel Wheels

Canon 6D

The Canon EOS 6D is going to remain a great camera, even when the 6D Mark II hits the shelves in 2017.  Image-wise, the 6D is virtually identical to the 5D Mark III, and we all know what a great camera that is.  I'm not even really that into digital, but I love the 6D. 

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I hope you've enjoyed this gallery. 

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