Color Night Photography: Tree With Moon

  2018 January 12    Galleries   Film

Photographing the moon at night, especially with film, is a particular challenge.  The film speed is only 100 to 400, usually.  That means the shutter speed will be slow.  And the moon is so much brighter than everything else in the scene.  So generally, you get this luminous, diffuse orb, together with some tree branches that may or may not have blurred. 

But then if you're going to get blurring anyway, why not go with it?  So, for a couple of these I didn't use a tripod.  And I think the "impressionist" effect works well with the subject matter.

These were shot on Fujifilm color negative film, I think it was Superia 400

Shutter speed probably 1 second or possibly two.  (And, like the blurring, the different colors from picture to picture were on purpose.) 





I hope you've enjoyed the photo gallery.  Thanks again for reading.

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