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Art Gallery, Page 8


This page is mostly 2013 work with instant film.   This art project was to create something from the stark bleakness of early spring.   And so, here are a few shots done with instant film. 

For a soundtrack, try something like this;  track 7, perhaps.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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And The Earth Shall Wax Old

Snags jutting at different angles from a brown landscape in early spring.   The photo, made with instant film, has a natural soft-focus effect that somehow goes well with the subject matter.  I tried this shot with digital... no, it just didn't work the way film does.

221.  And the Earth Shall Wax Old


A soft yet rich blue sky lends some comfort to a bleak scene in early spring. 

222.  Bluefield

Coal Bridge Ruins

"When I was a kid back in the Forties," said the man, "there were still train tracks all over the place.  They used to mine coal up in here.  It looked like the tracks were all laid by eye.  They were just a little bit crooked.  I don't know how they got trains up here, but they did."

Today it's all woods, except for the ruins of this small railroad crossing.

224.  Coal Bridge Ruins

Untitled Sunset

223.  Untitled Sunset

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