Nov. 5, 2014


Baking powder pizza.  For real?

Can it be made? 


Why was there so little solid information on this elusive topic?

I decided to find out.

Bring Your Appetite

I set out to make the best possible pizza crust with baking powder.  After many days of kitchen experiments and so many test pies that I lost count, I think I've succeeded.  Actually I know it, because these pizzas are every bit as good as their yeast-leavened counterparts.

Some of them are so close that you could probably fool someone.   (Just to be sure:  these recipes are not gluten-free.  Maybe I'll tackle that in a future book.)

The recipes are now available in a new ebook for the Amazon Kindle reader.   It's more than just a recipe book;  I also explain some of the science behind good pizza.

There are several different recipes in here.  I've worked them up to try to get the best of two different pizza worlds:  the chewy-crust, and the thin-crust.  There's even a nice cracker-crust pizza recipe for an 11x17 baking pan.  One of these pies should feed four people, or three very hungry ones.

Cracker-crust pan pizza

The Real Deal

This book is pretty straightforward.  Most of the instructions are fairly easy.   But I also delved into a little bit of "pizza science" here.  After many experimental pizzas, I found something interesting. 

Forget most of what you've been taught about baking powder.  This book details how you can make pizza that looks like it's fresh out of a wood-fired oven. 

This was only 450 to 500 Fahrenheit.  Home oven, middle rack.

And it was done with baking powder, not yeast.

The Ultimate Baking Powder Pizza

I'm enthusiastic about pizza, but even more so after writing this book.  Once you make these recipes, I'm hoping that you'll be excited, too. 

Use this book to help you prepare delicious pizza for your family.   You don't even need to know how to toss dough;  some of the recipes use a rolling pin.

By the way, you don't need a Kindle to read this ebook.  If you go through the link below, there are instructions that tell you how to get a free Kindle reader app for your computer, tablet, or even smartphone.

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