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Boombox at ISO 6400

Canon EOS 6D
ISO 6400
f/5.7 @ 1/40th second

This one is practically straight-from-camera.   Click here for larger version

Just a quick photo while testing this CD player.   Look past the dust and all that;  the detail is sharp and the noise is very low at ISO 6400.

October Woods at ISO 6400

October 13, 2014
Canon EOS 6D
ISO 6400
f/8 @ 1/250th second

This, too, is practically straight-from-camera.   Click here for larger version.   Here, the ambient light was just a bit brighter.  The resulting detail preservation is that much better.  This wasn't even the sharpest lens;  it was one of Canon's less-expensive zooms.   I could have taken this same approximate view with the Canon 50mm f/1.8 and gotten even sharper results.   I'm a fan of prime lenses on a DSLR, but there's something to be said for a walk-around lens that has a wide range of focal lengths.

As you can see, there are times when ISO 6400 on this camera will look like the normal everday ISO settings on other cameras (800, 400, etc.).  It's that good.

Autumn Foliage In The Dark, Part 1

September, 2014
Canon EOS 6D with EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro
ISO 25600
f/4.6 @ 1/50th sec with no image stabilization
No significant adjustments

Here's a handheld shot, taken 30 minutes after sundown.  No significant post-processing, other than a tiny bit of sharpening.  Click here for larger.

ISO 25600 is two full stops higher than the highest setting that should even be used on a camera, but the Canon 6D can give usable pictures.   Amazing.  In real life, this scene was so dark that I had to look carefully through the viewfinder to see whether the tops of the trees were cut off.  Even then, I wasn't really sure.

In this picture it looks as though the sun might have just gone down behind the horizon, but nope... thirty minutes.

Keep in mind that this picture, and the next two, had high ISO noise reduction turned off

Forty Minutes After Sundown

September 2014
Canon EOS 6D with EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro
ISO 25600
f/5.7 @ 1/20th sec handheld
(no image stabilization!)
No significant adjustments

This photo was taken forty minutes after the sun went down... handheld, without a tripod... and without image stabilization.  (Click here for larger version).  This is totally ridiculous and way beyond the ordinary use of a DSLR, but it just goes to show you can get usable pictures.  Yes, there's detail loss and noise... but then again, this is ISO 25,600.   And I had the noise reduction turned off.

The original scene was so dark that you couldn't even see what you were doing without headlights.  The camera makes it look almost like daylight.

Anyone who is really serious about getting a good picture after dark would be using a lower ISO and probably a tripod.   Then again, with image stabilization I could probably have shot this scene at ISO 6400 handheld, no problem... but only with the 6D would I even try it, because it has the cleanest rendition I've ever seen at ISO 6400.  No camera in the world is going to give clean, noise-free pictures at night, unless you either use some external lighting, or lower the ISO and use a tripod.  Once again, these pics are just to show what's possible.

Autumn Foliage In The Dark, Part 2

September 23, 2014
Canon EOS 6D with EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro
ISO 25600
(This said 800 previously;  that was incorrect.  It's definitely 25600.)
f/4.6 @ 1/80th
High-ISO Noise Reduction OFF
handheld, no image stabilization
some saturation adjustment

Colors almost nice enough for a postcard... and this was taken in the dark.  

Not just in the dark:  Handheld.  Without a tripod.  Without image stabilizationWithout noise reduction.  If you look more closely, yes you can see the noise;  but again, this is ISO 25,600.  You could easily run this through software to remove the noise, but I wanted to show you what 25,600 looks like without assistance.  If you want to be able to go outside and take pictures of stuff in the dark, this is your camera.   (You need some light, not total darkness;  this is photography, not night vision.)

Radio @ ISO 6400 In Very Dim Indoor Lighting

Canon EOS 6D with EF 24-105mm IS STM
ISO 6400
f/5.7 @ 1/80th

(See the review of this radio here.)

Click here for larger version.  The kind of lighting you see here is very challenging for any camera;   most of them produce unusable pictures.  The 6D does very well.  I believe this was also with NR turned off.

There is some threshhold of lighting, above which cameras do a little better at high ISO.  That threshhold for the 6D is much lower, which means it doesn't take as much light to get usable pictures.  This camera can be routinely used at ISO 6400 without appreciable loss of quality, unless your lighting is really bad.   What's nice about the 6D, though, is that its low-light performance is so good that you don't usually have to worry what kind of lighting there is.  If you can see it well, you can probably photograph it well.

By the way, here's an example of more typical "dim" lighting.  This is diffused window-light from a heavy-overcast sky in late afternoon.  Here, digital cameras won't generate as much blotching or noise as they will in artificial light at night. 

That said, it's still challenging lighting. 

Heavy-Overcast, Late Afternoon Lighting @ 6400

No significant adjustments.
Canon EOS 6D with EF 24-105mm IS STM
ISO 6400
f/5.7 @ 1/250th

Click here for larger version.
(Review of this radio here.)

There are APS-C cameras that aren't even this good at ISO 3200. 

Finally, here's one taken at ISO 12800 in incandescent light:

Olympus OM-2 With Film

September 2014
Canon EOS 6D
ISO 12800
f/4 @ 1/250th second

This, again, is practically straight-from-camera.   Click here for larger version.   Here, the noise reduction was turned to "Standard".  It's cleaner at ISO 12800 than most cameras are at 3200.   Truly amazing.  The low-light performance is an important part of what this camera offers.  See my review of this camera, or just get your 6D now through this link.  It helps me keep this site on-line when you use these links;  articles like this one are possible only with your support.

This concludes Page Three of the Canon 6D Photo Gallery series.   Thanks again for visiting my website!

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